All children are given the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, which take place once a week. These activities cater to all the different interests and passions that we have in Nyahururu Elite Schools. Children are encouraged to try as many different activities as possible in order to develop new passions. Activity groups bring together children from different age ranges and classes and therefore the sessions offer an excellent opportunity to make new friends and work with new teachers. Children should be given as many opportunities as possible to try out the wind range of different activities.


Sports makeup a very important part of co-curriculum activities. Physical education is compulsory depending on each child’s ability. Through qualified coaches, the school trains various sports teams. They include football, netball, basketball, tennis, handball, swimming and athletics. Inter-house competitions...


The school has an active Choir and well equipped Band. The school also competes in the National Music Festival competitions. We also offer music classes in music theory, keyboard and voice where students take the Royal School of Music Exams. Our award winning band offers training in a variety of instruments.


We realize and children are talented differently. And as a school we endeavor to ensure that each talent is tapped and utilized effectively. We actively involve the students in plays and drama where our school has emerged top in the national drama festivals.

Clubs & Societies

Clubs in any learning institution are very important. Clubs help relieve stress after a long day’s work, develop time management skills, make new friends, build respect and learn team work, gain self-confidence and much more. To make each child wholesome, the...

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