Nyahururu Elite Schools started as a nursery and kindergarten in 1981. The school, which was the first private school in the region, was born out of the need for quality education. The school has progressively grown over the years in student numbers, facilities and quality. Initially, the kindergarten and nursery school was located at the P.C.E.A Nyahururu grounds. In,1986, the primary school enrolled the first Standard one class. It moved to its current location in 1987 and enrolled the first K.C.P.E. Candidates for the year 1993. The high school enrolled its first students in 1997, who sat for both the I.G.C.S.E and K.C.S.E examination in the year 2000.

Elites Success has been achieved by living up to her mission statement which is, “Provide a foundation of knowledge while fostering every pupil’s academic, social, aesthetic, moral and physical development in a caring and friendly environment”.

The School has achieved success by developing a unique methodology and work plan. The work plan outlines qualifications, skills, level of education and the experience required to execute the methodology.