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Nursery & Kindergarten

The nursery school admits from two years of age into daycare unit. The child develops skills, values and attitude through interaction with the immediate environment. The ability of a child to develop their identity is important and associate with their friends. Muscle development is acquired through manipulation exploration of various toys and apparatus as well as through rhythm and movement. Personal hygiene is also taught.

At age 4, the children join PP1 where they acquire competencies. A broad based approach involves learners participating in activities that enable them to become active and prepare them to articulate the alphabet in readiness for writing. Other activities include hygiene and nutrition, music, social activities that enhance healthy interaction.

At age 5 the children join PP2. At this level they learn number values are able to perform activities involving math operations. The child is also introduced to reading mostly using the look and say method. Activities enabling the child to interact better with their environment are also emphasized. This include how to shop, how to cross the road safely among many others.

Creativity is emphasized as well as the development of psychomotor skills all the while making learning fun.

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