Student Wellbeing

At Nyahururu Elite schools each student’s well being is of great importance.  It determines learning and influences a child’s core performance. Without ensuring total wellness a child cannot achieve their all.

A departments, including the teaching staff to auxiliary staff bear this in their mind to ensure each child well being.


A resident nurse is always available at the dispensary and she is backed by a regularly visiting doctor.

Pastoral care & counseling:

Our school offers a counseling program for the students to guide them through the process of self-discovery and recognition of their strengths, limits, needs, and goals.

The school provides a counselor to support the children in making well informed decisions that are critical in their personal, spiritual and academic journey.

The school conducts regular counseling at a group level or individual basis.  Pastoral care is also part of the boarding program.

Parental participation:

The school encourages parents to partner with it for the success of their child.  While we do hold academic days, parents are encouraged to make appointments with teachers to discuss academic progress and behavior. We consider ourselves partners to bring out the best in their child’s life.

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